The Best Tinder Alternatives USA (A Bold Dater’s Multiple Relationships Dynamics)

I’m a 37-year-old White man in the United States. I understand that I’m already privileged because I’m a White male in America. Meanwhile, I also know that my best years of dating will probably end soon because in my opinion, the best years of a guy’s dating life is before 40 years of age. After 40, men usually have to use power, money and status to attract beautiful women. I’m not a fan of Tinder, so I’ve tried the following best Tinder alternatives USA:

›1 Brilicbrilic best dating app

Brilic dating app is the best Tinder alternative in the US because it’s streamlined, chic and full of hot women. Because I like having multiple relationships at the same time, I am interested in meeting a lot of women and date many of them. And I achieved this result one month after I joined Brilic. Now I’m dating a 21-year-old Chinese girl, a 25-year-old Russian lady and a 28-year-old American woman. They are all high-quality beauties. The Chinese girl is a university student in New York; the Russian woman is a model in NYC; the American woman is a flight attendant who works for Virgin America (but she is not a virgin).

›2 Feeld

Feeld dating app is full of couples and singles looking for multiple relationships. Some of them are swingers; some of them are threesome lovers; some of them are bisexuals. I have met some bisexual girls via Feeld and they are really attractive. I had a threesome relationship, thanks to Feeld dating app. One hot girl looks like Natalie Portman, and the other hot woman looks like Eva Longoria. That threesome relationship lasted for nearly one year and we really had lots of fun together. Every night, the foreplay started with those two girls kissing each other in front of me, which really turned me on tremendously.

›3 Hooking Up

Hooking Up dating app is a casual dating platform for people like me to hook up with multiple girls. I certainly hooked up with a large number of gorgeous girls via Hooking Up. This app is filled with horny women who are ready to hook up with sexy men like me. More importantly, these women are sensuous, pretty and open-minded, so their style matches my dating preference extremely well.CasualX dating app

›4 KinkD

I’m not Christian Grey, but I like the way he handles his love life with Anastasia. Meanwhile, I’m a huge fan of BDSM in the bedroom, so all of my girlfriends have done adventurous things with me in bed. KinkD is a wonderful place to meet kinky girls who are willing to try all kinds of BDSM activities with men. Almost every girl that I’ve met on KinkD is happy to go the extra mile during intercourse, so I’m super happy.

›5 Secret Desire

I’ve always kept my desire secret because most people around me don’t know that I am actually into multiple relationships – only women who are dating me know it as I don’t lie to my lovers. I prefer being honest with every pretty woman that I’ve dated because I am not afraid of offending women – I have enough women who want to jump me, so what’s the point of lying to them in order to make them “happy”? I love Secret Desire dating app, for it’s easy to use and knows how to keep a secret (its security level is very high).Hitwe dating app

›6 Hitwe

Hitwe dating app is another mecca for casual hook-ups with multiple women at the same time. I used this app to meet exotic women who are actually exotic – they are exotic dancers, i.e. strippers, burlesque dancers and lap dancers. Women in the adult entertainment industry have beautiful bodies and beautiful mind. They not only know how to please men in bed (and they get the pleasure in this process), but also know how to be extremely flexible at any position in the bedroom – they are professionals in this regard.

›7 Lovely

Another casual dating app for me to flirt with many pretty women. Lovely dating app allows me to decide who can contact me, so I never receive unwanted messages on this app. I usually only allow very high-value women to contact me, meaning a woman must be a 9 at least. Otherwise, I’m not interested. I know many online dating apps have desperateand mediocre women who want to get married before their eggs dry out, so Lovely dating app is a great filter. By the way, this app is completely free and there aren’t any ads.KinkD is happy

›8 Ashley Madison

How can I forget Ashley Madison as a man who loves multiple relationships? I like dating married women because they bring me extra bonuses. For example, I met a 30-year-old woman who was cheating on her husband with me. She not only gave me a good time in the bedroom, but also brought me her husband’s business analytics so that I could use that information to benefit my business. That was definitely a helpful affair from my point of view. I’m not saying what she did was right; I’m just saying this kind of things exists. It’s more common than you think. As I see it, perhaps giving away her husband’s business analytics is more valuable than giving me pleasure in bed, because I can sleep with a lot of other women anyway, but having access to her husband’s business analytics is priceless. Maybe from her husband’s point of view, revealing his business analytics is worse than cheating on him with another man. But at the end of the day, it all depends on an individual’s value system.

›9 CasualX

CasualX dating app is the ultimate casual s*x dating app for casual relationships to start online and happen offline. I hooked up with my boss on this app. Maybe you are wondering how that happened. Well, what happened was when I was on CasualX, I saw my boss’s dating profile. She is a 38-year-old powerful woman with a successful career without a husband, so she wants to meet someone and deal with her loneliness. When I saw her profile on CasualX, I didn’t avoid her or delete my dating profile. Instead, I actually contacted her by saying hi. The reason I was so bold was because she always flirted with me in the office anyway and we talked about dating & relationships during lunchtime at work. That’s why I had the courage to send her a message on CasualX dating app. And then we hooked up in her apartment. What I learned is I must take a risk because not taking a risk is the biggest risk of all – lack of results is guaranteed.

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