8 Things to Expect When Dating Beautiful Russian Girls

dating beautiful Russian girls.Despite them being highly sought after by men across the globe, Russian girls are different. They offer a unique dating experience to men which makes them that much more attractive. The unknown can be exciting and mysterious at first but when you have made the effort to meet Russian girls online, build relationships and ultimately plan to visit, you want to know what to expect. Below are eight things to expect when dating beautiful Russian girls.

There Will Be a Language Barrier

Although a lot of Russian women speak English, it’s safe to expect a language barrier to some degree. To improve communication, learn a few common phrases in Russian and practice patience to communicate effectively. You can also expect a bit of a disconnect when it comes to humor. Cracking a few jokes and keeping conversations light is always good but don’t be surprised if portions of your humor go right over her head.

She Needs Attention

Another thing to expect from Russian girls for marriage is the fact that they need attention. They want men who dote on them, they go crazy for chivalry, sweet talk, and affection. Additionally, they like conversation and simply want some of your time.

She Will Be Late… Always

Beautiful Russian girls are beautiful for a reason; they spend a lot of time on their appearance. Beauty is important in Russian society, so women take time to look their best. You will certainly appreciate their efforts from an aesthetics standpoint, but your Russian woman will always be late so either prepare yourself to wait or tell her an earlier time when you arrange dates.

expect from Russian girls for marriage

She Will Not Pay for Anything

When a Russian woman is with a man, she isn’t expected to pay for anything. It doesn’t matter where you go, you should be ready to pay. This applies to dinner, an event, live show or shopping if you choose to do so together. If you try to get around this, she will think you’re cheap and that isn’t the impression you want to go for. Mind you, she may do the whole fake reach for her wallet when the bill arrives thing, which is a good sign that she has good manners, but you should still pay.


Yes, it is true. A romance isn’t just a romance with Russian women. Along with being a romantic partner, they want to be your friend. A relationship isn’t really a relationship without depth so expect her to want to learn more about you and ensure that you plan time together that doesn’t focus solely on romance. It will help build the friendship aspect of the relationship.

Get Ready to Carry Her Bags

Russian women expect the utmost chivalry from the men they’re with. If you two go shopping, carry her bags. Are you going on a weekend trip? Carry her luggage. Happen to visit the market together? Hold her bags for her. To put it simply, the only thing a woman should be left carrying is her purse. Deliver in this area and she will be impressed.

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The Women Are Strong

Seriously. Russian women are not pushovers. They are strong, have grit and will certainly call you out if you cross the line. They are also very opinionated so don’t think that the Russian girls online that you meet will just follow your lead and go along with everything you say. At times she may even appear a bit aggressive but keep in mind that Russian women are raised to be wary of others, often mistrust at first and have probably faced their fair share of hard times in their life which hardens a person.

 You’ll Meet Her Family Sooner Than Later

Family is important in Russian culture and when you’re dating Russian girls for marriage, you will be introduced to her family sooner than later. When you do, bring a gift, be friendly, and accept any food and drink offered to you. Just remember that this meeting is a huge step in the relationship. In fact, it means that your moving in the direction of marriage.

And those are the 8 things you can expect when dating Russian women. Remember the above and you’ll be good to go. Then all there’s left to do is make a woman fall for you.

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