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Bumble dating app review (Prices, General Description, User Comments)

General description

Bumble is a super popular flirting and dating app with over 40 million users worldwide which is very female-friendly. It’s swipe-based and allows matches to chat but only a woman can start it and only within 24 hours. In case if mutual interest remains and the chance is missed, an opportunity can be prolonged for the next 24 hours. The main motto is: “Things change when women are in control”. Same-sex matches can start a conversation in any order. Only the 1st action is time-limited; the conversation itself isn’t being limited or erased.



  • Very nice design and smooth, intuitive interface
  • It’s free or very inexpensive
  • Quick Facebook registration/verification
  • Phone verification
  • Backtrack feature for cases when you swiped wrong
  • Snooze Mode: profile can be paused


  • Limited search filters
  • The app suggests the matches automatically, they cannot be chosen manually
  • Most often, profiles are vague
  • Fake accounts happen anyway




1-week Bumble Boost access – $2.99

1-month Bumble Boost access – $7.99

Extra coins or features can be bought


Expert’s conclusion:

There are so many dating apps nowadays so new ones should always suggest something new that would keep them among leaders. The huge competition doesn’t leave any chance. Bumble became successful because its owners knew what to do and what to offer.

They made an accent on women’s protection. It’s trendy nowadays but not many people realize the importance and not many platforms do concrete steps for that. Yes, women can be strong, and they learned to fight in case of any offense, but the current situation with online dating is just not gallant. Men are rude or vulgar in 90% of cases when they talk to women online. Maybe they wouldn’t even say the same if they met this woman in reality! So what are the reasons for this paradox?

  • Many of normal men just had a negative experience online, especially with international / distanced dating. Scammers, golddiggers, and catfishing have changed their attitude forever. It’s not right to shower the non-guilty woman with your past disappointments, that’s for sure. But it feels like a gained reflex of self-protection and… trust issues.
  • It’s a feedback loop of the feminist movement. In real life, men had to provide a woman with equality in everything, and they even seem to get used to that. But on a subconscious level, they may remain somewhat barbaric and still want to “show a woman her place in this world”. It’s very “convenient” when she depends on you. That’s why many husbands show their nature only after marriage or after making several babies – it makes harder for a woman to escape. On dating sites and apps, she is also kind of fragile and vulnerable because by registering there, she demonstrates her loneliness and her need in another person. She wants romance, she is open, and she probably shares some facts from her private life or her frank photos in order to get some attention from men. It’s the “best” situation to attack her. Very painful and very precise. Unfortunately, this psychological phenomenon happens here and there all the time, and again, it is often connected with a man’s previous experience, for example, painful divorce. He cannot make revenge on that woman so he reaches this one.
  • Finally, there are some perverts, abusers, and jerks, nothing can be done in that regard.

Bumble developers made a perfect move when they took these ugly situations into consideration and eventually created a safe virtual space for every woman who seeks new friendships, fun, or serious relationships. They made sure she is not going to be hurt on that moment. It’s a huge thing in a common struggle for women’s rights in the world, and in case Bumble is always honest in his intentions and diligent in its quality, it deserves a social reward.

Regarding the quality, it’s enough to say that Bumble is a product of Tinder’s co-founder, Whitney Wolfe. As you can see, she’s a woman. So the creators’ sincerity is also out of any doubts, and the social reward is deserved for sure. It goes without saying, the we recommend Bumble to all singles as a good, innovative, and reliable dating platform. The app is also very inexpensive and can be used by any demographic categories.

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Expert’s Rating

Overall                       4 stars

Price                           5 stars

Features                     5 stars

Communication        4 stars

Safety                          4 stars

Customer Support     5 stars


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