5 Ways to Meet Russian Women Online

Meet Russian Women OnlineMeeting Russian women online is the easiest way to start a relationship. There are single Russian women waiting to meet a man like yourself right now. They are on websites, dating apps, and social media sites. All you have to do is make those connections, get yourself out there and see who likes you. Once you get into the swing of things you’ll find the search and the chase are two of the best parts of dating. Now let’s go over five ways on how you can meet Russian women online today.

Dating Websites

Dating websites designed for men seeking Russian women do an excellent job at bridging the geographic gap while increasing your chances of finding a match. There are several membership levels to choose from, browsing is easy, users can often search for women using specific criteria and let’s not forget the features and additional services. Along with instant messaging, video chatting, and online voice calls, many dating websites that focus on Russian dating have a gift service that enables users to send tangible gifts to the women they like.

Dating Applications

If you want to meet Russian women, you want to download a few dating apps on your phone. Most are free to download, allow you to get a feel for what they have to offer without a membership and then there’s the option to upgrade to a premium membership. Once you do, you gain access to advanced features that help to both get in touch and stay in touch with the women you meet. Most dating applications for meeting Russian women include instant messaging, audio/video chat and offer translation to break down language barriers. In addition to the number of women and features that apps offer, they make it easy to put effort into your love life on the go. With an app, you can chat with beautiful Russian women during your lunch break, browse a bit before you go to bed, after a workout, whenever!

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Dating Services

There are also online dating services that offer a more personalized experience for men specifically looking for a Russian bride. In addition to offering resources online that are similar to those you would find on a dating website or application, they host events that allow clients to meet Russian women in person including cruises and speed dating events.


Believe it or not, it is possible to find some Russian romance on Facebook with the help of a few targeted searches and a way with words. Of course, this approach is even more of a numbers game, so you want to reach out to as many women that catch your eye as possible. Start by leaving a few nice comments on their photos, send a friend request and when women accept your request, start chatting them up. It is always good to start off slow. A message here and there to gauge if she’s interested in talking is the way to go. Once you’re in, start messaging on a regular basis, flirt, use your charms and do what you can to move things in the right direction. You may have a Russian girlfriend before you know it.

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This social media platform is another avenue you can take to meet Russian women. As you know, Instagram Is very visual so not only do you get to see numerous pictures of Russian women, especially if you browse through posts based on location, but Instagram lets you get a feel for a person’s lifestyle, personality, likes and dislikes. You can connect through the comments, follow a few women, see if they follow you back then slide into her DMs. Start the conversation off casually, ask if she has someone special in her life, share a little about yourself and ask about her. The secret to success on Instagram is not coming off as a creep. Women are so tired of men sending them inappropriate pictures and super flirty messages right off the bat. Instead, be the nice guy that she likes getting direct messages from.

And those are how you can meet Russian women online today. To increase your chances of finding the right woman, try out all five and see what yields the best results.

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